Helen Cameron is an Art Therapist who currently works at Ramsay Health Care, Northside Clinic St Leonards. As an Art Therapist, Helen has a special interest in mental health, eating disorders and addiction, and uses art as an intervention for facilitating the improvement of mental health and wellbeing. With a focus on empowering self expression, Helen works to support individuals at times of emotional distress to express, communicate and explore feelings, build self-awareness and facilitate personal growth.

Art Therapy offers another form of communication to express issues or feelings that cannot be initially expressed through words. Helen uses Art therapy to guide the mind to alternative ways of thinking; ultimately enabling the individual to discover ways to enrich their life and live in a more peaceful manner. She believes that when we are not feeling ‘well’ we have disconnected from a part of ourselves and who we truly are. Art therapy enables us to rebuild and reconnect our mind and body, leading to a more meaningful, purposeful and empowering life.

Helen has over 5 years’ experience as an Art therapist, and has held a number of varied clinical positions, including working in various mental health hospitals, community organisations and private practice. She has worked extensively with children and adults in both individual and group settings and is passionate about providing her clients with a supportive space in which they can strive and reach their full potential.


  • No analysing or judging of art expressions.
  • No knowledge of art necessary – it is another empowering way for people to express through art mediums onto paper.
  • Complementary service that works along side psychiatry and medicine.
  • Exploring thoughts and the lead up to the feeling and emotion.
  • Mindful meditation practise in session. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  • Improves physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Allows space for healing, feeling and expressing.
  • Assists in increasing self esteem
  • Another way to communicate/express what;s going on internally
  • Exploratory
  • Increases connection and relationships with self and others
  • Allows space for self expression and being heard without judgement.
  • Helps with acceptance of life challenges and seeing these as times of growth
  • A great way to self ‘check-in’ with feelings and emotions.
  • Express whats happening in this moment.
  • Assists in reducing feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety as you become aware of what grounds you and that you are supported and in-power of thoughts.
  • Room for self exploration and discovery
  • Increase self awareness.
  • Creating and finding meaning in everything.
  • Express self in a creative way
  • Self compassion – creating a better connection and relationship with the self.
  • Understanding the self – what works for each individual uniquely and collectively.
  • Increase self acceptance and self esteem.
  • Looking at inner and outer dialogue and if they mirror or not.
  • Looking at thought patterns and re-creating to bring more peace and clarity to everyday life.
  • Practising mindfulness – guided meditations.
  • Relaxation: Finding calm and balance.
  • Creating daily, weekly and yearly intentions in all aspects of life.
  • Writing/journalling and creating personal intentions, affirmations and goals.
  • Creating helpful and healthy mind and thought patterns.
  • Observing and accepting emotions and feelings.
  • Creating and maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Being Mindful is a way of living with others, with the self, situations, responsibilities of actions, self reflection, gratitude and choice making.

“ Art Therapy sessions will help support and guide you through emotional change, gain personal insight and growth and allow you to gain a better understanding of yourself.”

Member of ANZACATA. The Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association.

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